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Soundproofing Mat - 1.2m by 2m by 5mm thick - 10kg Membrane

Soundproofing Mat - 1.2m by 2m by 5mm thick - 10kg Membrane
Soundproofing Mat - 1.2m by 2m by 5mm thick - 10kg Membrane Soundproofing Mat - 1.2m by 2m by 5mm thick - 10kg Membrane
Brand: Advanced Acoustics
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Dimensions - 1.2m by 2m by 5mm thick per sheet (nominal) - 10kg per square meter


A 5mm thin yet effective mineral loaded soundproofing membrane mat designed to block and reduce airbourne noise through stud walls and timber joisted floors.


Please note: Soundproofing Mat is a very heavy product and larger orders may require help with offloading!

SoundProofing Mat is a heavy layer mineral loaded soundproofing mat nominally 5mm thick with excellent sound blocking qualities and will give significant sound reduction through lightweight structures when used as a sound barrier.

It is equal to lead of the same mass in effectiveness and acts as a thin de-coupling sound blocker in stud walls and timber floors. Biggest sound insulation improvements can be achieved when it is used as one layer sandwiched between two sheets of plasterboard on lightweight structures.

One layer of Soundproofing Mat has an insulation value of 28dB.

The above value is calculated when the sound proofing mat is hung as a curtain. It does not mean this will increase a structure by the same degree of sound proofing but simply proves that the mats are a highly efficient method of improving the sound insulation of stud walls, floors and ceilings.

Normally, a 3dB improvement is equal to a 50% loss in the volume of noise depending on where you are standing!!

Use on Walls

Soundproofing Mat is not suitable for glueing directly onto masonry or stud walls. To get the best results from this product, it should be sandwiched between two layers of high density Acoustic Plasterboard as part of a stud partition soundproofing solution as detailed above and is suitable to help reduce loud noise nuisance when used in this way.

If you are suffering from a small amount of noise, omitting loud music and bass, you may wish to look at our Basic Wall System instead of the mats.

With louder noise such as music at high volumes, we recommend using the Studio Wall System. The soundproofing mat is sandwiched between two layers of acoustic plasterboard which in turn are screwed to the bars.

Alternatively you can glue the Soundproofing Mats directly to an exisiting stud wall using our Contact Adhesive before adding more acoustic plasterboard. The additional acoustic plasterboard should be fixed immediately to hold the Soundproofing Mat securely in place and will help reduce the noise by acting as a decoupler. Normally fixed to original panels of metal, wood and plasterboard etc, this acoustic mat is a 'deadsheet’ that is particularly effective at improving the sound insulation value of timber floors and stud partitions.

Use on Floors

First ensure the floorboards are securely screwed to the floor so as not to squeak when walked over. Then use our Acoustic Sealant and fill in the joints between the floorboards and around the edge of the room making the floor is as airtight as possible. Then using our Contact Adhesive glue the layers of soundproofing mat to the timber floor. This will dramatically reduce airborne noise penetrating the floor from below or any airborne noise you create being transmitted to below but will not significantly reduce any footfall or impact noise.


Because Soundproofing Mat is produced from recycled manufacturing materials, there may sometimes be a 'rubbery’ smell when the product is first unpacked. Usually any smell will dissipate within a few days but as a precaution, we advise applying a thin layer of polythene over the insulation on walls and floors before the final covering is installed to seal in any possible smells.

Dimensions - 1.2m by 2m by 5mm thick per sheet (nominal) - 10kg per square meter

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