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QRD Diffusor 17/25

QRD Diffusor 17/25
Brand: Advanced Acoustics
Product Code: QRD1725
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While absorption is vital for any room which is going to be used for listening to music an area that can’t be ignored is diffusion.  The purpose of absorption is to reduce the amount of reflections being bounced back into a room to reduce the reverberation time in a room.  Diffusion is the even spreading of sound waves from a direct source.  So if you have a small space diffusion can give the idea of a room being larger than it actually is by providing increased natural ambience.  By having no absorption or diffusion installed in a space speech intelligibility is reduced and sound quality is degraded and while absorbent materials will help a great deal in solving that dedicated well designed diffusion such as our QRD Diffusor 17/25 will be much more effective.

The key though is to diffuse evenly both in terms of frequency range and also in terms of distribution and coverage.  So a well designed diffuser is vital to getting the right results for your room.  It needs to have deep enough wells to diffuse mid to low frequencies, not so deep its size is impractical.  It has to have the correct width wells to avoid viscous losses but still maintain high frequency diffusion.  It needs to be a cost effective solution but constructed from durable materials and it needs to be suitable for use in commercial and domestic applications.  As you would expect from Advanced Acoustics we make sure all our products are well designed and this product is no different.  It has been in development for 2 years and we have spent that last 8 months perfecting the finish and quality to ensure it meets with our high standards.

At the moment we have the one diffusor but over time we will be adding more diffusors.  This QRD Diffusor 17/25 is a 17 root diffusor design with well widths of 25mm and deepest well depth of 275mm.  It scatters from 275Hz and diffuses from 590Hz up to 6880Hz.  It has a minimum operating distance of 1.75m from listening position.

Our QRD Diffusor 17/25 offers even diffusion of sound waves and the construction of them means they can be stacked on top of each other in mixed vertical and horizontal orientations to achieve not just hemidisc diffusion but also hemispherical diffusion.

The QRD Diffusor 17/25 is 605mm by 605mm by 285mm deep.  Each unit weighs 28kg showing its solid build construction.  The QRD Diffusor 17/25 is finished in Black Though-Colour MDF but this can be painted if desired.

The QRD Diffusor 17/25 can be placed in the rear wall to diffuse the sound reflecting back into the room to make the room sound larger and give it greater air.  They can be placed at first reflection points to dilute the concentration of the direct sound, reduce flutter echo and so widen the soundstage and improve sound quality.

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