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Autex Acoustics And The Environment

Autex has always taken their environmental responsibilities as a manufacturer very seriously. They’re committed to applying sustainable practices across all aspects of their business, from manufacturing processes to safe, healthy working conditions for their staff. Autex is always working to build on their achievements and improve their environmental performance, in areas from energy efficiency and recycling to third-party product certification.


Environmental management system


Autex has an environmental management system (EMS) in place to monitor and reduce the impact of their business on the environment. Under this system they set themselves challenging environmental targets and undertake annual reviews to ensure their environmental performance is always improving.

All manufacturing plants both in New Zealand and in Australia are ISO14001 accredited.


Energy efficiency and waste reduction


Autex aims to operate using the most energy-efficient processes possible and they are continuing to set reduced energy consumption targets. They use recycled and recyclable raw materials in their product manufacture wherever they can and are working to further increase the recycled material content of their products.

They have a target of zero-waste-to-landfill policy across all their manufacturing operations with Autex insulation already at zero waste.


Responsible products and product responsibility


Autex is actively seeking opportunities to implement full life cycle product stewardship schemes, to ensure that all their products will eventually be recycled by themselves or others. They are currently working to develop a framework for extended producer responsibility (EPR) of their products, which will include take-back schemes for many product groups.

Autex is also working to achieve third-party environmental certification for as many of their products as possible. More and more of their products are now carrying eco-labels, such as their Environmental Choice New Zealand-accredited GreenStuf® insulation products.


Transparency and green procurement


As part of their green procurement policy, Autex actively seeks and supports suppliers who also have internationally recognised environmental and quality systems in place.

Autex strives to ensure transparency for all their product performance and environmental manufacturing processes. They aim to openly communicate their policies and practices to their customers, business partners and any other interested parties.


Internal environmental culture


Their environmental management system is part of the culture at Autex. their staff are highly committed to helping achieve our environmental goals and striving for continuous improvement in this area.

They provide ongoing staff education and training to continue to drive awareness and best environmental practice at all levels of their organisation.