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Echo-Stick Acoustic Panel 1ft by 2ft

Echo-Stick Acoustic Panel 1ft by 2ft
Echo-Stick Acoustic Panel 1ft by 2ft Echo-Stick Acoustic Panel 1ft by 2ft Echo-Stick Acoustic Panel 1ft by 2ft
Brand: Advanced Acoustics
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- 12" (305mm) by 6" (150mm) thick acoustic panel.

- Available in 3 lengths; 24" (610mm), 36" (915mm) and 48" (1220mm).

- Backed onto 6mm HDF.

- Meets all fire and furniture regulations.

- Can be linked to create large panels or left seperate for home cinema room treatment.

- Will shorten reverberation time.

- Will reduce harmful effects of room modes.

- Will remove reflections and standing waves.

- Will remove clutter from the recordings.

- Will widen the soundstage and improve stereo imaging.

- Hard wearing colourfast linen cloth.

- Easy installation.

- Domestically acceptable acoustic treatment solutions.

- Discreet acoustic treatment solutions.

- Available in 25 different linen colours.  The colours can be viewed by clicking this link.


This exciting range of acoustic treatment will change the way acoustic treatment looks and performs for the better forever. These acoustic panels are available in three sizes. They are all 12” (305mm) wide by 6” (158mm) thick but they are available 2ft (610mm), 3ft (915mm) and 4ft (1220mm) long.

Thanks to the fantastic design and shape of the acoustic panels the surface area of each panel in increased by over an extra 50% without taking any more space up on the wall. The larger surface area ensures that these acoustic panels trap more of those negative and disruptive sound waves and so they are more effective at removing flutter echoes and shortening the reverberation time of the room. The shape of the panels also means that they can absorb to lower frequencies than other flat acoustic panels making them even more effective. Mid range frequencies are stronger and longer the high frequencies. This means it takes a lot more foam to stop these mid range frequencies from reflecting back into the room. The thickness of the Echo-Stick panels means that now even the lower mid range frequencies are absorbed and restricted from influencing the direct sound emitting from the loudspeakers.

These panels can be installed either with the D-ring option or the mirror plate fixing depending on whether you require a permanent or temporary fixing. If you are installing the panels on the ceiling you will need the mirror plate fixing method.

They can be installed as single panels across the walls of Home Cinema Rooms or they can be installed in clusters for your listening room. We also supply the hardwood links to connect two or three panels together. As well as being installed along the walls they can also be installed in the corners using our Acoustic Panel Stands which we have found to be very popular in conjunction with the rest of the acoustic panels we hand craft.

All of these panels are also hand crafted and have been fully tested to ensure that that these panels only make a positive improvement in you room. The panels are made using only professional grade acoustic foam and highest quality MDF. The panels are also finished in an open weave linen cloth which is durable and hardwearing but at the same time soft to the touch with the feel you would come to expect from our acoustic treatment solutions.  There is a choice of 25 different colours so you are sure to have a colour that suits you decor.  The acoustic treatment conforms to the fire furnishings regulations as do all of our products so you can be sure of the utmost safety for your home.

These acoustic panels offer a new wave of acoustic treatment and once you hear the improvement these panels make you will wonder how you ever enjoyed music without them!

Colour and pattern may vary from monitor to monitor.  Actual samples are available by request.  As all the panels are made to order, once an order has been made and the order has been processed it cannot be cancelled.

All our High End Audio Panels are made to order and usually have a 2 week lead time.

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