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The History Of Autex Acoustics

In many countries the Autex brand is synonymous in providing high performance acoustic solutions for finished interiors within the education, childcare and healthcare sectors. As a company they’re always evolving, adding new products, processes and opportunities to their stable. But no matter what they do, they continue the proud Autex heritage of delivering innovative, high-quality solutions, designed to meet customers’ needs.


About Autex Acoustics


Autex Acoustics Ltd provides an extensive range of aesthetic acoustic wall coverings, ceiling tiles and innovative wall panels.  They have the ability to tailor acoustic solutions by not only controlling “room acoustics” by reducing reverberation levels but combining this when necessary with sound barrier treatments to help control “room to room” acoustic issues.

The products can also work just as well when provided post-build as remedial treatments or indeed on conversion projects.

New products include 3-D Tile which provides a fusion of shape and form combined with excellent acoustic performance. This range allows unique vibrant interiors to be created with the fully demountable three dimensional tile that can be repositioned or changed so that interior solutions need never to be static. This is achieved by means of a simple clip system.


Continuous diversification and growth


Autex was founded in 1967 as a manufacturer of unique jute-based carpet underfelts and specialty backings for vinyl flooring. Soon afterwards they established a plant to make needle-punched polypropylene carpets, including their very successful DIY carpet tile.

Their carpet range rapidly expanded and in the 1980s they diversified into new product areas, including bonded polyester for use in furniture, bedware and, later, insulation.

They have continued to expand into new high-tech areas of business and are market leaders in a number of specialized sectors.


Focus on quality and meeting market needs


From manufacturing beginnings, they’ve built on their strong textile engineering base to increasingly focus on the proactive development of market-based solutions. They have a long history of developing and adapting techniques and products, including niche products to meet specialized customer needs.

In 1997 Autex achieved ISO9001 Quality Management Standard certification, the international quality benchmark, and has maintained it ever since.


About The Autex Group


The Autex Group includes parent holding company Autex International Limited, New Zealand-based manufacturing Autex Industries Limited, Australian-based manufacturing Autex Pty Limited, UK based Autex Acoustics Ltd, and other interests Autex Properties Limited and Autex Investments Limited.