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Mel-Acoustic Slab 50mm White Melamine Acoustic Foam Panel 600x1200

Mel-Acoustic Slab 50mm White Melamine Acoustic Foam Panel 600x1200
Mel-Acoustic Slab 50mm White Melamine Acoustic Foam Panel 600x1200 Mel-Acoustic Slab 50mm White Melamine Acoustic Foam Panel 600x1200 Mel-Acoustic Slab 50mm White Melamine Acoustic Foam Panel 600x1200
Brand: Advanced Acoustics
Product Code: MEL-AP2
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The Mel-Acoustic Acoustic Panel is supplied in individual sheets sized 600mm x 1200mm. The foam can easily be trimmed and cut to size with a knife. The Mel-Acoustic Acoustic Panel is a white Melamine open cell acoustic foam panel. The thickness of the panel is 50mm however other thicknesses are also available. Whether you want to make your own acoustic panels or build your own enclosures these Mel-Acoustic Melamine Acoustic Panels are very versatile and offer high absorption rates as well as high fire resistance. These acoustic panels have an NRC of 0.88 which is very high for a product so thin and light. The panels can be mounted to walls or hung from ceilings.

Our Mel-Acoustic Range is the latest addition to our product stable. The range incorporates the use of Melamine Acoustic Foam manufactured by Basotect and we convert it into the various shapes and sheets. Melamine foam is a flexible open cell foam made from melamine resin. The melamine foam has a high flame resistance, low weight, good thermal properties and also has an extremely high sound absorption capacity. The other great feature of Melamine foam is that it is available in white and it will not discolour. Being halide free, Melamine foam when exposed to either naked flame or extreme heat does not emit any of the toxic by-products associated with conventional polyurethane based acoustic foams.  We use a high density version being 16kg/m3.  This denser version gives us better results in terms of absorption.  The density we use is in some cases almost twice the density of the Melamine Acoustic Foam panels our competitors use which reduces their cost but also reduces their performance.

Our Mel-Acoustic Panels have a fire classification of Class '0' and B1. It also has no fibres so it is a non-irritant and so is safe for use in any environment. At Advanced Acoustics we have many years of experience in acoustic treatment and soundproofing with a name that is highly respected. Acoustic treatment and soundproofing is all that we do it is what we specialize in. This product is kept in stock for immediate delivery.

For an extra £3.49 per item we can mount the 50mm Mel-Acoustic Panel onto 6mm MDF for you.

Technical Details

Individual Acoustic Panel Size

600mm x 1200mm

Quantity Of Acoustic Panels Per Box


Total Area Covered Per Box


Acoustic Panel Thickness


Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)


Acoustic Foam Colour


Acoustic Foam Density

16 kg/m3

Acoustic Foam Composition

Open Cell Acoustic Foam made from Melamine Resin

Fire Classification

DIN 4102 - B1

FMVSS 302 - fulfilled

BS 476, part 6/7 - Class O

UL 94 - V-O, HF-1

Tensile Strength



40% deformation : 7-20kPa

Compression Set

50% at 70°C for 22 hours : 10%-20%

Cell Count

130-200 ppi approx

Thermal Conductivity

0.035W/mK @ 10°C

Continuous Service Temperature



DIN 4102 Class A2

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to hydrolysis, alcohols, hydrocarbons, most organic solvents and dilute acids & bases.

Profile Description

Plain acoustic foam panel

Additional Notes

Can be bonded onto 6mm MDF if requested





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