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Photophonic Acoustic Panel 2ft by 4ft

Photophonic Acoustic Panel 2ft by 4ft
Photophonic Acoustic Panel 2ft by 4ft
Brand: Advanced Acoustics
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- 24" (610mm) by 48" (1220mm) acoustic panel.

- 2" (50mm) thick professional grade acoustic foam.

- Backed onto 6mm HDF.

- Meets all fire and furniture regulations.

- Will help to remove corner low end build up.

- Will shorten reverberation time and cut down room modes.

- High definition scren printed panels.

- Will remove reflections and standing waves.

- Will remove clutter from the recordings.

- Will widen the soundstage and improve stereo imaging.

- Hard wearing colourfast cloth.

- Easy installation.

- Domestically acceptable acoustic treatment solutions.

- You send us the images you want printing.


Acoustic treatment has just gone artistic. Every room in which music is to be enjoyed or where a home cinema system is installed requires dedicated acoustic treatment. Without it the room will just have too much of a negative bearing on the perceived sound. This will result in loss of clarity and will make the equipment feel out of focus or cloudy. So acoustic treatment is a must, a necessity. At Advanced Acoustics we develop acoustic treatment solutions that are not only sonically enhancing but we also need to develop products which appeal to all types of audiophile or cinephile.

If you require acoustic treatment with a touch of something special then you need look no further. Presenting the Photophonic Panels. These panels are the same high quality construction as our Wall Sound Trap Panels which is professional grade open cell acoustic foam mounted to low frequency absorbing backing and covered in an open weave fabric. Plus with all the materials being fire retardant you can be assured of the highest quality along with the conformation to regulations.

The panels are 2ft (610mm) by 4ft (1219mm) and are 2 ¼” (57mm ) thick overall. Simply send us a high quality digital image and we will check it for suitability and at no extra cost, as long as the image is acceptable, it will be screen printed onto the panel. By installing acoustic treatment in a room where music is to be enjoyed you will give your high fidelity equipment a chance to show you its true capabilities. You will experience a massively widened soundstage that before you could only dream about. Combine that with the heightened clarity and focus it is like putting on a pair of glasses. Details that before were lost due to the rooms bad influences can be clearly heared with everything brought into balance.


Acoustic Performance
125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz N.R.C.
0.19 0.68 0.92 1.03 0.99 1.01 0.90


All our High End Audio Panels are made to order and usually have a 2 week lead time.

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