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Bulk Buy Products

If you are buying items in bulk then it's only fair that you get a discount for those items.  The products below are products that we have made available in bulk quantities at a discounted rate.  Bulk orders is classed as such when items are available in cartons or full pallets.  This is the only place on our site where you will be able to find items that are discounted for bulk purchases.  So if you require a large quantity this is the place to look.  Over time we will be adding items but for the moment this is what we have to offer.

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M20 Acoustic Soundproofing Mat - Size - 1m by 1m sheets, 20mm thick - 50 Sheet Pallet
M20 Soundproofing Mat 1m by 1m by 20mm thick - Pallet of 50 Sheets What Are The Benefits? O..
Ex Tax: £1,365.00
Soundproofing Mat - 1.25m by 3m by 2mm thick - 1Tonne Pallet, 50 Rolls
5kg Soundproofing Mat 1.25m wide by 3m long by 2mm thin - Pallet of 50 Rolls What Are The Bene..
Ex Tax: £981.85
Soundproofing Mat - 1.2m by 2m by 5mm thick - 1 Tonne Pallet, 42 Rolls
10kg Soundproofing Mat 1.2m wide by 2m long by 5mm thin - Pallet of 42 Rolls What Are The Bene..
Ex Tax: £1,130.20
Specially Formulated Contact Adhesive - Carton of 12 Cans
Lasting bond to a wide range of materials. No mixing required. No extensive preparation requi..
Ex Tax: £100.00
Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay - 100 Sheets - 72sqm
Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay 600mm by 1200mm by 11mm thick What Are The Benefits? S..
Ex Tax: £1,390.00