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Studio Acoustic Foam Treatment

Studio Acoustic Foam Treatment

Numerous products are available to enhance the acoustics of studio settings. Our wide range of products will suit all budgets whether you have a little or a lot available to invest in room treatment.  Acoustic tiles, panels and bass traps are just some of the treatment solutions that help to treat studios, control rooms, rehearsal spaces, production booths and vocal booths.

Acoustic tiles and acoustic panels are mid to high frequency absorbers for treating the walls and ceiling with acoustic treatment to control reverberation and echo.  Bass Traps are low frequency absorbers used to reduce low end build up and standing waves.

We supply all the acoustic foam treatments you require to create the perfect environment within your studio.  Our foam products are manufactured to the highest standards and ready for immediate delivery to enable you to start work on your studio project straight away.

Use acoustic tiles in vocal booths to control sound waves, remove distortion and improve the general quality of recordings. Use Bass Traps and Acoustic Panels in Control Rooms and Recording Studios to remove colouration, improve clarity and recording definition.  We have a wide range of acoustic foam solutions to effectively treat your room and improve the superiority of the sound within.

Our newest range of products, Melamine Acoustic Foam Panels, are lightweight absorbers suitable for many applications.  Being white in colour the Melamine range offers a stylish finish to your studio that won’t discolour over time and is UV stable.

Whether you plan to convert an existing space into a studio or want to use a free standing Silent Space Isolation Booth within the environment, we can advise you the suitable acoustic treatment option over the phone or via email.

Call for a no-obligation chat, contact us on 01623 643609 or feel free to email us with any queries you might have.

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