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Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay 3.6 sqm Pack

Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay 3.6 sqm Pack
Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay 3.6 sqm Pack Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay 3.6 sqm Pack Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay 3.6 sqm Pack Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay 3.6 sqm Pack
Brand: Advanced Acoustics
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The Advanced Acoustics Silent Floor Ultra has gone through many months of development to improve on the already effective Quiet Floor Plus.  However that hard work has now paid off.  The Advanced Acoustics Silent Floor Ultra Underlay is more effective, thinner and cheaper than QuietFloor Plus and other similar products.

Silent Floor Ultra is an acoustic underlay which will reduce both airborne noise and impact noise.  We have used the already very popular 2mm thick Soundproofing Mat as the core layer to help with reducing airborne noise.  Impact noise is reduced by use of a 25kg/m3 closed cell cross linked PE foam.  The benefit of this foam as opposed to the reconstituted foam used in other acoustic unerlays is that is will not breakdown and crumble over time.  The foam we have used in this acoustic underlay is hardwearing and yet still comfortable to walk on.  Additionally the foam as well as the sound barrier mat is completely recycleable and free from lead and bitumen.  Because it is safe to dispose of it poses fewer environmental risks and has a higher potential for recycling.  Also because the materials we have selected are durable it has a very long life span which means you won't have to replace it as often as you would other acoustic underlays.

The Silent Floor Ultra is the quickest and most effective means of reducing airborne noise and impact noise for floors.  It is very simple and quick to lay which means labour costs are greatly reduced and is simple enough to lay even if you only have basic DIY skills.  By using this product instead of regular underlay traffic noise from above is virtually elimated when used in conjuction with carpet. You will find a lot of acoustic underlays using two layers of soundproofing mat, one of the top and one on the bottom but during the development of this product we found that reduction in impact noise is greatly affected.  However performance is improved by removing the top layer of soundproofing mat and instead installing a layer of our 2mm soundproofing mat before fitting this Silent Floor Ultra Acoustic Underlay.  Of course if you prefer you can just lay this product straight on top of your floor ready for the carpet or laminate floor to be fitted.

The Silent Floor Ultra is just 11mm thick and weighs 3.75kg per sheet.  The sheets are 600mm by 1200mm and each sheet covers an area of 0.72sqm.  There are 5 sheets per pack covering 3.6sqm per pack.





Technical Data


Bottom Layer Specification

Nominal Weight                                  5kg/m2

Nominal Thickness                              2.88mm

Hardness                                             min 75 (Durometer Shore A, 1 sec dwell)

Tensile Strength                                  0.9mpA (JISK6251)

Elongation at break                            >100% (JISK6251)

Dimensional Stability                          <2% (4hr @ 100 oC)

Surface Tension                                  >44 dynes/cm

Flammability                                       <100 mm/min (FMVSS 302)


Top Layer Specification

Density                                                25kg/m3

Tensile Strength - MD                         291kPA

Tensile Strength – TD                         237kPA

Elongation – MD                                 100%

Elongation – TD                                  115%

Compression 10%                               20kPA

Compression 25%                               39kPA

Compression 50%                               98kPA

Compression Set – 0.5hrs                   14%

Compression Set – 24hrs                    5.5%

Working Temperature Range             -60-+80oC

Water Absorption %Vol (max)            1%

Water Vapour Transmission               0.97g/m2*24h

Thermal Conductivity at 10C              0.0390W/mK

Thermal Conductivity at 40C              0.0460W/mK

Flammability                                       94mm/min (FMVSS302)


Overall Specification

Nominal Dimensions                           600mm x 1200mm

Nominal Thickness                              11mm

Overall Weight                                   3.75kg

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