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Wall Orbis Acoustic Panel - 1.5m Tall

Wall Orbis Acoustic Panel - 1.5m Tall
Wall Orbis Acoustic Panel - 1.5m Tall Wall Orbis Acoustic Panel - 1.5m Tall Wall Orbis Acoustic Panel - 1.5m Tall
Brand: Advanced Acoustics
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- 5ft (1.5m) tall free standing acoustic panel.

- The range includes a corner panel and a wall panel.

- The Wall Orbis is 30" (77cm) wide and 6" (15cm) at it's thickest with a plinth slightly larger to ensure stability.

- The panels are constructed from 100% solid core open cell acoustic foam for balanced and controlled absorption along the whole frequency range.

- Attractive and contemporary acoustic treatment solutions.

- Discreet acoustic treatment solutions.

- Available in 25 different linen colours.  The colours can be viewed by clicking this link.





For a long time now we have been working hard to develop new and exciting products that are not only acoustically effective and efficient but also domestically acceptable.  Our acoustic room treatment solutions have to serve the needs of both the audiophile and his tuned ears but also the interior designer and her keen eye.

Well now all that hard work has paid off with the introduction of our new Orbis Acoustic Panel range. This new and exciting range of unique and innovative acoustic panels takes room treatment to the next level in terms of acoustic improvement and visible pleasure.

While the Hi-Fi community will do all they can to squeeze every last detail from their system with the use of expensive mains conditioners and glamorous cables many people still leave the most destructive component to it's own devices; the room itself. It is all good and well having the best reproductive components money can buy but if the room is not behaving at its best acoustically then all that hard work and investment causes the end result to fall short of that goal of perfect reproduction of live music.

Thankfully we recognize the fact that not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated music room, not everyone wants to or is able to spend a small fortune on acoustic treatment and not everyone wants their living room to look like a padded cell. So with all this in mind we continue to develop new, fresh and modern products which are affordable such as the new Orbis Acoustic Panel range.

There are currently two panels in the Orbis range, the Wall Orbis and the Corner Orbis. Both of the panels are free standing, complemented with plinths and stand at 5ft (1.5m) tall. We have continued to use our professional grade open cell acoustic foam and the soft but durable open weave linen cloth. It is thanks to the shape and resulting massive surface area and amount of premier quality foam used in each acoustic panel that makes them so effective while being blessed with fantastic looks. These panels are not made of wooden frames wrapped with inch thick foam but are solid core acoustic foam sculpted from fresh block foam using the latest technologies and methods. These panels are durable, non-irritant, visually effective, cost effective and acoustically effective. Plus thanks to their free standing design acoustic treatment no longer has to be a permanent feature of your living room but if you do wish to keep it in the room it wouldn't look out of place.

Colour and pattern may vary from monitor to monitor.  Actual samples are available by request.  As all the panels are made to order, once an order has been made and the order has been processed it cannot be cancelled.

All our High End Audio Panels are made to order and usually have a 2 week lead time.


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