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Wedge Bass Trap Corner Kit

Wedge Bass Trap Corner Kit
Wedge Bass Trap Corner Kit Wedge Bass Trap Corner Kit Wedge Bass Trap Corner Kit Wedge Bass Trap Corner Kit
Brand: Advanced Acoustics
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Bass control is probably the most important aspect of your studio treatment and yet is commonly the area that is very often left alone.  Installation of low frequency absorbers is especially inportant if the space you are working in is relatively small or the type of music you are working with has a lot of low end energy.  

The Wedge Bass Traps we have developed are completely CNC machined to ensure a perfect cut every time.  The face of the bass trap has been specifically developed for our range of bass traps.  Most other bass traps that have a wedge profile cut into them remove a considerable amount of foam from the bass trap thus inhibiting performance.  However the Wedge Bass Trap that we have carefully developed ensures that no foam is removed from the volume of a bass trap but instead material is added thus increasing the depth of a bass trap as opposed to reducing it as with other manufacturers.  Surface area is increased to make the Wedge Bass Traps bigger than plain faced Bass Traps and so promoting increased absorption.

The advantage with this carefull development will become abundantly clear when these are installed in your room.  You'll gain more control over your room and especially those low end frequencies which can be detrimental to recordings.  Low frequency energy builds up in a room, specifically in corners, and this build up can severely cloud and colour your recordings or get in the way of getting accurate mixes together.

Our Wedge Bass Traps are available in two lenths, 2ft and 3ft.  They are the standard size of 12" wide at the back and have a width of 17".

The acoustic foam we use conforms to the more stringent fire tests of Crib 5 and Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Furnishings and Furniture Regulations so you will have peace of mind that the product you are using is safe also.  And you also have our guarantee that the foam will stand the test of time.  The colour we use has been carefully selected to ensure that it doesn't quickly discolour or fade over time.  You won't have the problem of the foam crumbling and turning to dust either.  We know that treating your studio is a big investment and we want to make sure that your investment stands the test of time.  The only way to ensure that is by sticking with Advanced Acoustics.  We have many years of experience in acoustic treatment and soundproofing.  Acoustic Treatment and Soundproofing are the only products we deal with.  You won't see us selling any other forms of foam or bedding.  Acoustic foam is all we do and we are very good at it as our outstanding feedback and previous customers will testify.  Our products have been used by a full host of companies including the BBC, Williams F1 Team, McLaren, Cisco, Cadburys and ITN just to mention a few.

This item is kept permanently in stock.  The foam we use is an open cell polyurethane acoustic foam and is available in charcoal only.


Technical Details



Individual Bass Trap Size

12” x 12” x 36” (305mm x 305mm x 915mm)

Quantity Of Bass Traps Per Kit

3 (Also includes a Bass Trap Corner Fill sized 12" x 12" x 12)

Acoustic Foam Colour


Acoustic Foam Density

30 kg/m3

Acoustic Foam Composition

Open Cell Polyurethane Acoustic Foam

Fire Classification

Crib 5 and Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Furnishings and Furniture (fire)(safety) Regulations 1988 (amended 1989)

Bass Trap Description

Triangle corner mounted bass trap with a CNC machined wedge profile face



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