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Completed Customer Project

From time to time it is nice to see the finished result of what some of our customers have achieved with the use of our acoustic foam products.  Motorsport Developments came to us with a brand spanking new Dynotech Rolling Road.  The issue was the construction of the room that the Dyno was installed in.  Because of the hard surfaces it meant that is was very noisy with a lot of sound bouncing around the room.  This made things extremely difficult for the person carrying out the test and uncomfortable for anyone looking on, these tests can be extremely noisy.  The room had already been fully soundproofed but now some absorbent material was needed to control the acoustics in the room.  There was a desperate need for acoustic treatment, but it needed to be a solution that was cost effective as well as acoustically effective and visually effective to boot.  Hence the call to us guys.  After some discussions regarding the customer’s requirements, what they wanted the completed installation to look like and a budget that needed to be adhered to we were able to come up with a suitable solution that met all their requirements.

And we are glad to announce that now the project has been completed and the result is fantastic.  The reverberation and echo in the testing room has been brought under control making it a much better environment for the tester and those looking on.  The finish that has been achieved with the acoustic tiles is really effective with people commenting how impressed they are.

Here are some images of the completed project:

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