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Another New Product

Another Bog and another new product.  The HexaPanel is the latest offering we have to show to you.  As you would come to expect from Advanced Acoustics theHexaPanel is crafted from high quality acoustic foam and made to an exacting standard.  This simple yet effective shape enables you to create to very effective arrangements.  It doesn’t matter whether you have small area or a large area to treat these HexaPanel will suit any environment.

HexaPanel Cluster

Thanks to the shape of the HexaPanel Acoustic Panel the different clusters and effects you can create are only limited by imagination.  The acoustic panels are formed from 25mm Class 0 Acoustic Foam and 6mm MDF and wrapped in an open weave recycled polyester cloth.  Because the acoustic panels are made to such exacting standards with the MDF backing board being cut on CNC machines you can be sure of a perfect pattern repeat no matter how large the cluster of panels is.

This acoustic panel has been subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that it is suitable for every environment.  The foam is Class 0 fireproof.  The cloth is rated to Crib5 and European M1.  The cloth has an abrasion resistance of 100,000 rubs and is treated for colourfastness.  Thanks to these tests you can be sure that these panels are more than capable of withstanding use in offices, schools, sports halls, restaurants and other areas.

HexaPanel Three Cluster

And it’s because of the high quality craftsmanship that we also achieve the performance we do from such a thin acoustic panel.  The HexaPanel has an NRC of 0.87 which surpasses most rivals making panels of the same thickness.  This Class B absorber gives you the performance you need to bring the reverberation down to an acceptable level greatly improving speech intelligibility.  So whether you have a teleconference room that has too much echo, or you have a restaurant where the diners are struggling to hear conversation, or you have students that can’t hear the lecturer, these acoustic panels will improve the acoustics of the room, bring echo and reverberation down to a manageable level and at the same time look like it was a planned aspect of the room and not an afterthought.

The HexaPanel is available in the usual 60 different colours so you can create bold or subtle clusters.  You can mix colours and different shades, you can match the panels up with company or school colours or you can match them to the existing colour of the walls, the possibilities really are endless.   There has and never will be two projects that are the same when you use this uniquely shaped acoustic panel.

Fixing is simple too.  These acoustic panes simply fix to the wall with discreet mirror plates.  They are designed to be able to be interlocked so every part of this design has been thought out, just like all out other products.

HexaPanel Single 1HexaPanel Drawing