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Yet Another New Product

Over the past few weeks we have been showering you with new products based around our new range of tile called the Hexatile.  First of all we brough you theHexatile2 and the Hexatile3.  Then we brought you the Hexatile2 Infill Pack andHexatile3 Infill Pack all for use in studios both commercial and domestic.  Last week we announced the launch of the HexaPanel designed for use in offices, schools and restaurants etc.  Now we have the final product again for use in studios both commercial and domestic.

When building a new studio from scratch it is never easy knowing where to start first.  How much do i need?  How much acoustic foam tiles do i need?  How much bass trapping should i install?

These are big and important questions that have to be answered.  Well our latest product helps with answering that question.  We are proud to launch our Advanced Acoustics Starter Kit #6 using the Hexatile3 and the Quadrant Bass Traps.

We have a number of starter kits, 8 in fact since the addition of this one.  Our starter kits are a great place to start when it comes to building a new studio from scratch.  If you aren’t sure what you need and how much of it then the starter kit is the best place to start.

Our acoustic foam stater kits contain the basics you need to get you going.  Each kit including new Starter Kit #6 contains 4 3ft Bass Traps.  The kit also contains acoustic foam tiles.  Once you have installed the acoustic foam tiles and bass traps contained in a kit you can establish if and where you need to concentrate further acoustic treatment.  If you still have a little too much reverberation then you need to consider adding further acoustic foam tiles.  If the bass is still a little boomy or wooly then you need further bass trapping in the corners.  You can either get another of the same starter kit or you can purchase the products individually from our site.

The stater kits are also a good idea because they are discounted when compared to buying the same items individually.  This all helps when you are just starting out with a new studio, whether for your home or for your business.

So what are you waiting for take a look at this starter kit and the other starter kitswe have available and make the perfect start to building your perfect studio.