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Completed Office Installation

In this blog we are going to briefly discuss office acoustics, more specifically a project we have just complete on behalf of Cadbury.  Cadbury had a new facility built around 3-4 years ago.  In the building there are a number of small room that are used for meetings and also teleconferencing.  The room are approximately 3.5m by 3.5m and one wall is completely made of glass.  When these rooms were being built the architect took no consideration to the room’s acoustics.  Because of this the measured reverberation time inside the offices is around 1.3 seconds.  These rooms can accommodate up to 6 people at a time and when the room is full speech intelligibility is reduced and speech quality over the teleconferencing system is poor.  So a solution was required and obviously we were happy to help.  We started off by measuring the room reverberation time and also the dimensions of the room.  From there we can work out how much acoustic treatment the room can accommodate and how much of an improvement this will achieve.  From there we discuss with the client the design of the acoustic panels and how much will be required.  Most of the tine the client will have some thoughts on how much acoustic treatment they want in the room so we have to balance the acoustics of the room with the aesthetics.  Once the client is happy with the performance we expect to achieve and the look that will result we will send them a final quote for the works to be completed.

All the acoustic panels are made to order and in this case some custom sized acoustic panels were required for the walls.  Once the panels are constructed we then go in to fit the acoustic panels.  Below we have some images of the completed installation.

2013-05-13 15.03.45

2013-05-13 15.04.00

Once the installation is completed we check with the client that they are happy with the finish and the look and we confirm the finished reverberation time which in this case was 0.35 seconds which was within the tolerance we were expecting.

Hopefully this brief overview gives you an idea of the process involved when we are brought in to treat your office or meeting room.  It is a painless process and the installation is usually quite clean and any mess that is made we tidy up anyway.

The panels we used for this installation were custom sized SoundControl Panelsand a mix of 60cm and 80cm Ceiling Mounted Cloud9 Acoustic Panels.