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Silent Space Booth Install

We recently completed an installation of a Silent Space Isolation Booth in Leeds, England and we just wanted to share with you some photos of the completed installation.  The booth we built for this client was an SS2424 with an extra vision panel.  This booth has an internal size of 2.26m by 2.36m and an external size of 2.36m by 2.46m.  This booth is being used in a music classroom and will contain various instruments as required including percussion instruments, stringed instruments and brass.

SS2424 - Leeds (3)

While we were installing the Isolation Booth we also did a time lapse video in the installation:

One of our biggest and best-selling products are our Silent Space Isolation Booths.  On initial look these booths would only be suitable for one application, studios, but there are a wealth of other applications that our Silent Space Isolation Booths are used for.  So yes they are used a vocal booths, drum booths and even recording booths for full bands.  But they aren’t just used by those in the recording industry they are also used by those in education such as colleges and universities.  Our Silent Space Isolation Booths are also used in domestic applications so people can practise what they play or their singing at any time of day or night without the risk of disturbing others.  You never know when you might get that bolt of inspiration!!

Our Isolation Booths are also used by people and companies who make video-blogs for training, education or just simple entertainment.

Our Silent Space Isolation Booths are also used many Music Shop Owners.  These Isolation Booths can be placed in a shop and allow people to come in a try out and instrument without disturbing anyone else who might be in the shop at the same time.  The person trying out the instrument may be nervous or embarrassed to try an instrument in front of strangers in a shop and may be happier trying the instrument knowing that no one else will be able to hear.

These booths are also used for Auditory testing.  When carrying out auditory testing this needs to be done in an environment that is quiet, private and discrete and ourSilent Space Isolation Booths offer that environment.

So as you can see there are many different applications for an Isolation Booth and more we could mention.  It could be that an Isolation Booth is the very thing you need, if it is have a chat with us at Advanced Acoustics