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A New Soundproofing System

When it comes to soundproofing there are a lot of systems on the market that offer a means to reduce the transmission of sound between rooms.  The most popular means is by building a room within a room with the use of resilient bars.  Resilient bars are a thin vibration absorbing steel channel used on timber studs for walls and fixed beneath timber joists for ceilings. This allows the new wall or ceiling to be de-coupled from the main structure reducing vibration and impact noise.  However the drawback with regular resilient bar systems is that due to its design it is not able to support the weight of heavy soundproofing mat or acoustic plasterboard.  Because only one side of the resilient bar is supported its weight tolerances are limited.

However there is a solution to this problem and the solution can be found with theSoundSense Isolation System.  The SoundSense Isolation System is a two part system that allows the channel to be supported on both sides.  This extra support means that there is no flex in the walls when you lean against them.  When using it on the ceiling you can use heavier, denser soundproofing materials.  This system is so supportive you can use on the floor to create a floating floor.  And because it is a two part system; as opposed to a multi-part system like other isolation systems on the market; installation is much simpler too.

So the SoundSense System can support more weight than other systems on the market and it is easier and thus cheaper to install than other soundproofing systems.  But there is one more selling point with the SoundSense System and that is its performance.  Standard resilient bar systems for walls and ceiling usually offer around a 17dB reduction when compared to standard dry lining solutions.  However the SoundSense System offers a 6dB improvement on that figure increasing it to 23dB.  And because the SoundSense System has higher load bearing capabilities you can improve that even further with the introduction of thicker, heavier soundproofing mat and acoustic plasterboard to increase the reduction to 35dB and further.

The SoundSense Isolation System is a win-win system and outperforms every system currently available on the market in every way.  As we are approved agents for this system we can help with specifying with this product and calculating the quantities you require.  Just get in touch.

We will be adding more to this page in due course and explaining in more detail how this system is installed on walls, ceilings and floors with customer cases and completed projects.