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Two Importance Installs

In today’s blog we are going to share with you two projects we have completed recently.  The first project is for a company called Motion Picture Solutions.  Motion Picture Solutions’ requirements were simple.  They needed two Silent Space Isolation Booths installed in an office they had recently moved into.  Both booths were sized 1.2m wide by 1.8m long.  One booth is to be used for recording Audio Description for films, the second is for carrying out 3D work.  While the room the booths were placed in were relatively quiet there were people working in the office and also there is the issue of noise bleed from outside the building that can’t be controlled.  So our Silent Space Isolation Booths were required.  As the building is in London and access up to the top floor of the building where the booths were required was very tight it required a little custom work to get the booth components up there.

After a good few hours were spent man handling all the booth components construction could begin.  The build itself was relatively simple although because of the custom work that had to be done before hand in order to get the booth to the required floor some extra work was required that would usually have been pre-assembled back at the factory.  So while the build took us a little longer than we were expecting we finally got the built completed and we are happy to say that the client was more than happy with the results, and not to mention impressed with how we got the components up there in the first place!

Here are few photos of the completed installation.

2013-07-03 16.08.27

2013-07-03 16.12.38

The second install we want to tell you about was actually featured in TV.  We received a call from Channel 5’s  The Gadget Show asking if there was the possibility of us supplying a Silent Space Isolation Booth for a feature they were doing.  However there was one issue, the deadline was very tight as recording had been scheduled and couldn’t be moved.  We are glad to announce though that the booth was made in time and installed on the date agreed.  And the results were fantastic, all the team at The Gadget Show including the director and presenters were very impressed with the build quality of the booth and the performance it offered.  Annoyingly the booth was referred to as a “panic room” throughout the feature however the booth had the desired effect and did the job required.  The booth is now back at our factory and has been re-assembled and is being used as a demo unit.  Results from the show have been very positive with a lot of enquiries that have followed.

Here are a few photos we took a the installation

SS1224 Gadget Show 1

SS1224 Gadget Show 2

SS1224 Gadget Show 3

SS1224 Gadget Show 4

SS1224 Gadget Show Panoramic

Gadget Show Feature

And here is the link where you can see the feature in full and our booth on show and in use.


So as you can see it’s been a very busy few weeks and from the enquires we have had it looks like it’s going to be a busy time ahead.  Hopefully in our next blog we will be able to tell you about a big project we have been working on, supplying acoustic treatment for a large well-known company.