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A New Product

Wow, how long has it been since we updated our Advanced Acoustics Blog?! Has it really been over 6 months since we last wrote something?  Well please be assured we are all still here and are working as hard as ever.  Things have and are super busy at the moment.

Here’s just a quick recap of what we have been working on.  We have completed phase 1 of the acoustic treatment of offices and conference rooms for C2Si on behalf of Cadbury.  We are hoping to be starting the second phase in around a month.  We have been working on other office acoustic treatment projects using the variousdesigner acoustic panels we have.  We have been installing Isolation Booths all over the UK including an Isolation Booth for Furness College.  We have expanded our selling presence on Amazon with some of our items now being stocked by them in their Fulfilment Centres around the UK, this has been growing steadily and we hope to be adding more products over time.  Our sales of soundproofing products have rocketed with more people realising how easy and important effective soundproofing for both the home and the work place is.  And our Studio Foam and High End Audio products have also been selling extremely well.  People who have the luxury of a cinema room or listening room and even those who have Hi-Fi in their living room are starting to understand how important the room is in getting the best out of their system.  Phew, it’s no wonder we haven’t had the time to add to our blog!

Well i think now is time to take stock.  But we are never stood still for long because now we have a new range of products we wish to tell you about.  For a long time we have been selling a product range called the Echo-Stick Acoustic Panels.  These are acoustic panels that are designed for the High End Audio market.  They are acoustic panels which are half cylindrical shaped and wrapped in cloth, available in around 25 different colours.

Well we have taken inspiration from that product and decided to offer a similar product that would appeal to builders of studios, control rooms and recording spaces.  Our new range of product is called Column Acoustic Panel and is basically the Echo-Stick Panels but without the fabric cover.  These plain foam acoustic panels have been developed for those on a tight budget but still need acoustic treatment that is effective at a wide range of frequencies without taking up loads of space on the wall.


So what are the key features of the Column Acoustic Panel.  Well as with all of our Studio Foam products the Column Acoustic Panels are only available in dark grey however if you wish you can wrap them in cloth yourself if you want a different colour in your studio.  The Column Acoustic Panel is 12” wide (305mm) and at the peak is 6” thick (150mm).  The panels are available in two lengths 2ft (610mm) and 4ft (1220mm).  These panels are a unique shape to regular acoustic panels in that they are a half cylinder.  This has a number of benefits.  Firstly the surface area, a flat acoustic panel of the same width and length is more than 50% less than that of the Column Acoustic Panel.  So you have a lager surface area with the Column Acoustic Panel without taking up any extra space on the wall, space is always at a premium in any studio so if you are able to make the volume of the room larger than it actually it by means of effective acoustic treatment your acoustic treatment is going to be able to work harder for you.  Secondly the shape, when you have profiled acoustic panels and tiles usually you will have foam scalloped out of the tile or panel, when you scallop foam out of a panel you are removing absorbent material, when you remove absorbent material you are inhibiting absorption.  However with the Column Acoustic Panels you are adding foam through the profile not removing foam increasing the performance of the Column Acoustic Panel considerably.

So there we have the two biggest features and benefits of using our Column Acoustic Panels over plain faced acoustic panels or regular profiled panels.  But there are other features as well.  The Column Acoustic Panels look great and you can create some really effective arrangements with these panels and easily use them in conjunction with our other acoustic foam panels or acoustic foam tiles.  The Column Acoustic Panels are a cost effective means of treating your rooms, they are very effective so you don’t need to fill your room with these.  Finally they are uniquely shaped, use these in your studio and it will look like no other studio.

At Advanced Acoustics we are always working hard to bring you new products that are not only extremely effective but also visually appealing and cost effective at the same time.  The amount of various profiles we develop and test is mind boggling but every so often we come up with something that meets our very high standards and the latest one is the Column Acoustic Panel.  We hope you agree.