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A Recent Studio Install

We just have a brief post for you today and this is to show you an install we completed recently for a client with a home studio who required some acoustic treatment in a room he uses for recording his band and also for editing and use as a control room/production room.  Multi use spaces are sometimes quite difficult to treat as they are usually small spaces and when the rooms have multi use it can be difficult to know what your priorities should be in terms of what product to use and what placement to have.

In any room being used for recording, rehearsal, mxing, production the priority has to be to ensure you have the low end working with you so this means making good use of all the available corners for installaing bass trapping.  You can never really have too much bass trapping especially in rooms that are small or square.  So yo uneed to make sure you make use of the the vertical (wall-to-wall) corners as well as the horizontal (wall-to-ceiling) corners.  If you have the space then the Bass Trap Corner Fills placed in the tri-corner (where the wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling corners meet) are a great way to make the most of the corners as they enable you to butt other bass traps up to them and also get a neat and tidy finish at the same time.


So from there you can install bass traps.  Depending on your budget you have a good choice of bass traps to opt from.  The Quadrant Bass Trap is the most effective regular sized bass trap available however if you are on a tight budget then theOriginal Bass Trap is also a good choice.

Once you have made the most of the corners you have available you can now start to add acoustic tiles.  For the install we recently completed we focused first on the control desk area.  So we made sure that the first reflection points on the side walls and the ceiling were treated and we also added acoustic tiles on the rear wall to minimise reflection coming back at the producer from behind.  This is probably the most critial area of the room so it is essential to make sure this area is accurate and confortable for the one doing the mixing.  If he or she doesn’t have a controlled area to work in with good bass repsonse all that hard work done by the musicians is going to be a waste.  Bass could be muddy or light depending on the bass response of the room.  Mixes could be cluttered or off balance if the right amount of acousic treatment hasn’t been installed in the correct places.  For the treatment of this room we used the Wedge Euphonic PRO Acoustic Tiles.  These tiles have a mix of plain faced acoustic tiles to make sure you have good absorption at the lower midrange and also wedge profiled acoustic tiles to increase surface area of absorbent material making the area of absorption larger than you have space for in real terms.


Once we have the control room area sorted we can then concentrate on getting the rest of the room under control.  In the live area we needed to install around about 30-40% coverage, making allowance for the bass traps we had already installed.  While the room did have carpet the rest of the room was very bright and reflective, with a low ceiling, window and instruments in the room adding clutter.  So we decided to use the same tiles, the Wedge Euphonic PRO, for the rest of the room as we wanted it to look like it was all done at the same time, keep the room looking in harmony and in balance acoustically. And we have to say we are really impressed with the results as was the client who we completed the installation for.  So as promised here are some images of the completed installation.

2014-02-28 15.14.29  2014-02-28 15.15.08

2014-02-28 15.15.49