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Soundproofing / Sound Deadening

A common confusion that arises when we are discussing with clients which products are suitable for their particular application is the difference between Soundproofing and Sound Deadening or Acoustic Treatment.  It is amazing how many people think that installing acoustic foam on their walls will stop sound from leaking in and out of the room.  Sadly this is not the case.  Soundproofing and acoustic treatment are two completely different things.

Firstly let’s consider soundproofing.  Products designed to soundproof a room will reduce the amount of sound transmission passing through walls, floors and ceilings.  In order to properly soundproof a room you need to use construction materials such as acoustic mattingacoustic plasterboardresilient bars etc.  There are a number of systems we have developed that will allow you to soundproof – reduce sound transmission – between rooms.  We have Basic Wall System, Basic Ceiling System and Basic Floor System.  These systems are thin systems and will reduce general noise such as TV and talking etc. If you require something more substantial then we have the Studio Wall SystemStudio Ceiling System and Floating Floor System.  These systems comprise of products and materials that are very heavy and dense.  For example Acoustic Plasterboard is much heavier and denser than standard construction Plasterboard.  The Soundproofing mat which is used in some of these systems has the same density as lead of the same thickness.  The dense product are needed in order to make a considerable reduction in sound transmission, hence the reason simply installing acoustic foam will make very little impact.

By isolating the walls and floor you can reduce noise transmission even further.  You can help to isolate the walls by using resilient tape at the bottom of your studwork so the studwork is sat on vibration absorbing tape as opposed to directly to the floor.  Also you can improve sound isolation by fitting resilient bars before applying the soundproofing mat and acoustic plasterboard.  By doing this you are creating a ‘room within the room’ construction.  You create an isolated floor by using a new product called SoundSense.  This is a resilient bar system than can be used for the floor.  By combining this system with a product called R10 you can greatly improve the isolation properties of the floor so you not only improve airborne isolation but also reduce impact noise.

So how does this differ from acoustic treatment?  Well basically put acoustic treatment such as acoustic foambass trapping and acoustic panels will reduce and control the reverberation and echo within the room the product is installed in.

So for example if you have a room full of staff on the telephone and you want to reduce the amount of sound bouncing around the room you need acoustic treatment.  If you have four offices and you want to reduce sound from passing through to each office you need soundproofing.

Depending on what sort of sound you are trying to control in the room will depend on which product will be most suited to your needs.  We have a vast range of different products for different applications.  We have acoustic treatment  for treating studios and recording rooms.  We have acoustic treatment fr improving the rooms acoustics in cinema rooms and listening rooms.  We have acoustic panels for controlling echo and reverberation in offices, meeting rooms and lecture theatres.  Every application requires a different product and a different approach.

Thankfully Advanced Acoustics have built up a vast amount of knowledge.  So whether you are trying to soundproof with a drum kit so as not to disturb neighbors, if you have a cluster of meetings rooms than need to be made more private they can recommend the correct soundproofing products and systems for your requirements.  If you have a control room or a vocal booth you are trying to get to sound at its best or if you have a new cinema system in a dedicated room and you want to ensure you are getting your money’s worth from the system they have acoustic treatment products and solutions to suit your needs.

Whether you are soundproofing a room or acoustically treating a room it doesn’t have to be an expensive and daunting task, just have a chat with Advanced Acoustics and they will be able to steer you in the right direction.