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A Recent Home Studio Install  

March 5, 2014


We just have a breif post for you today and this is to show you an install we completed recently for a client with a home studio who required some acoustic treatment in a room he uses for recording his band and also for editing and use as a control room/production room. Multi use spaces are sometimes quite difficult to treat as they are usually small spaces and when the rooms have multi use it can be difficult to know what your priorities should be in terms of what product to use and what placement to have.

In any room being used for recording, rehearsal, mxing, production the priority has to be to ensure you have the low end working with you so this means making good use of all the available corners for installaing bass trapping. You can never really have too much bass trapping especially in rooms that are small or square. So yo uneed to make sure you make use of the the vertical (wall-to-wall) corners as well as the horizontal (wall-to-ceiling) corners. If you have the space then the Bass Trap Corner Fills placed in the tri-corner (where the wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling corners meet) are a great way to make the most of the corners as they enable you to butt other bass traps up to them and also get a neat and tidy finish at the same time.


So from there you can install bass traps. Depending on your budget you have a good choice of bass traps to opt from. The Quadrant Bass Trap is the most effective regular sized bass trap available however if you are on a tight budget then the Original Bass Trap is also a good choice.

Once you have made the most of the corners you have available you can now start to add acoustic tiles. For the install we recently completed we focused first on the control desk area. So we made sure that the first reflection points on the side walls and the ceiling were treated and we also added acoustic tiles on the rear wall to minimise reflection coming back at the producer from behind. This is probably the most critial area of the room so it is essential to make sure this area is accurate and confortable for the one doing the mixing. If he or she doesn’t have a controlled area to work in with good bass repsonse all that hard work done by the musicians is going to be a waste. Bass could be muddy or light depending on the bass response of the room. Mixes could be cluttered or off balance if the right amount of acousic treatment hasn’t been installed in the correct places. For the treatment of this room we used the Wedge Euphonic PRO Acoustic Tiles. These tiles have a mix of plain faced acoustic tiles to make sure you have good absorption at the lower midrange and also wedge profiled acoustic tiles to increase surface area of absorbent material making the area of absorption larger than you have space for in real terms.


Once we have the control room area sorted we can then concentrate on getting the rest of the room under control. In the live area we needed to install around about 30-40% coverage, making allowance for the bass traps we had already installed. While the room did have carpet the rest of the room was very bright and reflective, with a low ceiling, window and instruments in the room adding clutter. So we decided to use the same tiles, the Wedge Euphonic PRO, for the rest of the room as we wanted it to look like it was all done at the same time, keep the room looking in harmony and in balance acoustically. And we have to say we are really impressed with the results as was the client who we completed the installation for. So as promised here are some images of the completed installation.

2014-02-28 15.14.29 2014-02-28 15.15.08

2014-02-28 15.15.49



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How Long Has It Been?!  

February 5, 2014


Wow, how long has it been since we updated our Advanced Acoustics Blog?! Has it really been over 6 months since we last wrote something? Well please be assured we are all still here and are working as hard as ever. Things have and are super busy at the moment.

Here’s just a quick recap of what we have been working on. We have completed phase 1 of the acoustic treatment of offices and conference rooms for C2Si on behalf of Cadbury. We are hoping to be starting the second phase in around a month. We have been working on other office acoustic treatment projects using the various designer acoustic panels we have. We have been installing Isolation Booths all over the UK including an Isolation Booth for Furness College. We have expanded our selling presence on Amazon with some of our items now being stocked by them in their Fulfilment Centres around the UK, this has been growing steadily and we hope to be adding more products over time. Our sales of soundproofing products have rocketed with more people realising how easy and important effective soundproofing for both the home and the work place is. And our Studio Foam and High End Audio products have also been selling extremely well. People who have the luxury of a cinema room or listening room and even those who have Hi-Fi in their living room are starting to understand how important the room is in getting the best out of their system. Phew, it’s no wonder we haven’t had the time to add to our blog!

Well i think now is time to take stock. But we are never stood still for long because now we have a new range of products we wish to tell you about. For a long time we have been selling a product range called the Echo-Stick Acoustic Panels. These are acoustic panels that are designed for the High End Audio market. They are acoustic panels which are half cylindrical shaped and wrapped in cloth, available in around 25 different colours.

Well we have taken inspiration from that product and decided to offer a similar product that would appeal to builders of studios, control rooms and recording spaces. Our new range of product is called Column Acoustic Panel and is basically the Echo-Stick Panels but without the fabric cover. These plain foam acoustic panels have been developed for those on a tight budget but still need acoustic treatment that is effective at a wide range of frequencies without taking up loads of space on the wall.


So what are the key features of the Column Acoustic Panel. Well as with all of our Studio Foam products the Column Acoustic Panels are only available in dark grey however if you wish you can wrap them in cloth yourself if you want a different colour in your studio. The Column Acoustic Panel is 12” wide (305mm) and at the peak is 6” thick (150mm). The panels are available in two lengths 2ft (610mm) and 4ft (1220mm). These panels are a unique shape to regular acoustic panels in that they are a half cylinder. This has a number of benefits. Firstly the surface area, a flat acoustic panel of the same width and length is more than 50% less than that of the Column Acoustic Panel. So you have a lager surface area with the Column Acoustic Panel without taking up any extra space on the wall, space is always at a premium in any studio so if you are able to make the volume of the room larger than it actually it by means of effective acoustic treatment your acoustic treatment is going to be able to work harder for you. Secondly the shape, when you have profiled acoustic panels and tiles usually you will have foam scalloped out of the tile or panel, when you scallop foam out of a panel you are removing absorbent material, when you remove absorbent material you are inhibiting absorption. However with the Column Acoustic Panels you are adding foam through the profile not removing foam increasing the performance of the Column Acoustic Panel considerably.

So there we have the two biggest features and benefits of using our Column Acoustic Panels over plain faced acoustic panels or regular profiled panels. But there are other features as well. The Column Acoustic Panels look great and you can create some really effective arrangements with these panels and easily use them in conjunction with our other acoustic foam panels or acoustic foam tiles. The Column Acoustic Panels are a cost effective means of treating your rooms, they are very effective so you don’t need to fill your room with these. Finally they are uniquely shaped, use these in your studio and it will look like no other studio.

At Advanced Acoustics we are always working hard to bring you new products that are not only extremely effective but also visually appealing and cost effective at the same time. The amount of various profiles we develop and test is mind boggling but every so often we come up with something that meets our very high standards and the latest one is the Column Acoustic Panel. We hope you agree.

















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How To Acoustically Treat A Drum Booth  

July 23, 2013


So it has arrived, that shiny new drum kit with all the kit and caboodle. You have got your room lined up to put the drum kit in, freshly painted, good stable solid floor. Everything is coming together as planned. You spend some time carefully setting up the kit exactly as you like it, the cymbals just so, stool the exact height you prefer, you are ready to rock and roll. And off we go with a good session of drumming. 10 minutes in and it’s starting to hurt, not your arms or back, it’s all good in that sense but boy are your ears hurting!! There might be something we have overlooked in our planning, acoustic treatment.

In an untreated room reflections and echoes can be very strong especially in a room being used for practising or playing the drums. With all those hard surfaces – plastered wall, wooden floor, plastered ceiling, windows to allow glimpses into the outside world – reverberation time in the room can be quite severe and considering the SPL level a drum kit can reach it can become quite painful for the ears.

When you have a room dedicated for instruments acoustic treatment could never be more important and the same is the case for drum kits. There’s no need to go down the expense of a professional studio set-up unless that’s your intention later down the line. Instead by following some simple guidelines you can have your room treated with acoustic foam and you’ll soon have a space which is much more comfortable to work in. This more comfortable space will result in better results from you, you can spend longer in there without suffering from fatigue and the time you do spend in there will be more productive.

So what’s required in you room?

A drum booth/room on most occasions will only require between 40% and 60% coverage of the four walls and the ceiling. Because of the wide range of frequencies involved when it comes to recording or practising a drum session effective acoustic treatment is a must. Acoustic treatment that can absorb the full range of frequencies is also a requirement. So this involves the effective use of bass traps in all the available corners both the vertical and the ceiling height horizontal corners. The recommended bass traps to use in a drum booth are the Quadrant Bass Traps however if budget is an issue then the Original Bass Traps would be a suitable alternative. In a standard height room of around 8ft we would recommend that you install a bass trap corner kit per available tri-corner and an extra 3ft bass trap below that. You will also need one bass trap for every 4ft on every ceiling horizontal corner. If you are building your own drum booth then square rooms are not recommended as these shaped rooms can be very difficult acoustically as the dimensions of the room will mean you will have very severe room modes and standing waves. While we understand that this is not always possible if you do have the means to do this we would highly recommend it.

So once the bass control is taken care of with effective placement of the bass traps the next areas to cover are the four walls and the ceiling. As we have said earlier you will need between 40% and 60% coverage and the acoustic foam tiles need to be at least 2” thick to be effective in your booth. So the best acoustic tiles to use for a drum booth are the Tegular Acoustic Tiles, the S.E.A.M. Acoustic Tiles or the HexaTile. If budget is an issue then we would not recommend you use any thinner a tile than the Wedge PRO Acoustic Foam Tiles or the F.A.T. PRO Acoustic Foam Tiles. So you need to create small clusters of acoustic tiles. These clusters of tiles can be arranged in any way you wish however you need to keep the room as balanced as possible so if you install 3 clusters of tiles on one wall you need if at all possible to install 3 clusters of tiles on the opposing wall. Even coverage over the whole space is the most effective way of treating a room. If a temporary installation is required then you can mount the acoustic tiles onto a sheet of 6mm MDF. This panel can then be hung on the wall like a picture using picture hooks. This means that when you come to move or change the use of the room you don’t have trouble removing the tiles from the wall. It is just a case of un-hooking the panels. You can then use these acoustic panels again if you wish.

There’s no voodoo or secrets when it comes to treating any room and there’s no need to get stressed about how to treat a room or whether you are dong something wrong. As long as you follow the basic principles above then you have a room that is comfortable for working in no time. And if you’re not sure whether you taking the right route or using the right product don’t panic, just get in touch with us guys at Advanced Acoustics and we would be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.

Hopefully this has helped you in determining the amount of acoustic treatment you require for your room and also what products are best for your room. Obviously every room is different but the aim of articles such as these are to guide you in the right direction without needing a degree to understand them.






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A Review Of Two Important Installs  

July 10, 2013


In today’s blog we are going to share with you two projects we have completed recently. The first project is for a company called Motion Picture Solutions. Motion Picture Solutions’ requirements were simple. They needed two Silent Space Isolation Booths installed in an office they had recently moved into. Both booths were sized 1.2m wide by 1.8m long. One booth is to be used for recording Audio Description for films, the second is for carrying out 3D work. While the room the booths were placed in were relatively quiet there were people working in the office and also there is the issue of noise bleed from outside the building that can’t be controlled. So our Silent Space Isolation Booths were required. As the building is in London and access up to the top floor of the building where the booths were required was very tight it required a little custom work to get the booth components up there.

After a good few hours were spent man handling all the booth components construction could begin. The build itself was relatively simple although because of the custom work that had to be done before hand in order to get the booth to the required floor some extra work was required that would usually have been pre-assembled back at the factory. So while the build took us a little longer than we were expecting we finally got the built completed and we are happy to say that the client was more than happy with the results, and not to mention impressed with how we got the components up there in the first place!

Here are few photos of the completed installation.

2013-07-03 16.08.27

2013-07-03 16.12.38

The second install we want to tell you about was actually featured in TV. We received a call from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show asking if there was the possibility of us supplying a Silent Space Isolation Booth for a feature they were doing. However there was one issue, the deadline was very tight as recording had been scheduled and couldn’t be moved. We are glad to announce though that the booth was made in time and installed on the date agreed. And the results were fantastic, all the team at The Gadget Show including the director and presenters were very impressed with the build quality of the booth and the performance it offered. Annoyingly the booth was referred to as a “panic room” throughout the feature however the booth had the desired effect and did the job required. The booth is now back at our factory and has been re-assembled and is being used as a demo unit. Results from the show have been very positive with a lot of enquiries that have followed.

Here are a few photos we took a the installation

SS1224 Gadget Show 1

SS1224 Gadget Show 2

SS1224 Gadget Show 3

SS1224 Gadget Show 4

SS1224 Gadget Show Panoramic

Gadget Show Feature

And here is the link where you can see the feature in full and our booth on show and in use.


So as you can see it’s been a very busy few weeks and from the enquires we have had it looks like it’s going to be a busy time ahead. Hopefully in our next blog we will be able to tell you about a big project we have been working on, supplying acoustic treatment for a large well-known company.



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Completed Office Treatment Installation


May 14, 2013


In this blog we are going to briefly discuss office acoustics, more specifically a project we have just complete on behalf of Cadbury. Cadbury had a new facility built around 3-4 years ago. In the building there are a number of small room that are used for meetings and also teleconferencing. The room are approximately 3.5m by 3.5m and one wall is completely made of glass. When these rooms were being built the architect took no consideration to the room’s acoustics. Because of this the measured reverberation time inside the offices is around 1.3 seconds.

These rooms can accommodate up to 6 people at a time and when the room is full speech intelligibility is reduced and speech quality over the teleconferencing system is poor. So a solution was required and obviously we were happy to help. We started off by measuring the room reverberation time and also the dimensions of the room. From there we can work out how much acoustic treatment the room can accommodate and how much of an improvement this will achieve. From there we discuss with the client the design of the acoustic panels and how much will be required. Most of the tine the client will have some thoughts on how much acoustic treatment they want in the room so we have to balance the acoustics of the room with the aesthetics. Once the client is happy with the performance we expect to achieve and the look that will result we will send them a final quote for the works to be completed.

All the acoustic panels are made to order and in this case some custom sized acoustic panels were required for the walls. Once the panels are constructed we then go in to fit the acoustic panels. Below we have some images of the completed installation.

2013-05-13 15.03.45

2013-05-13 15.04.00

Once the installation is completed we check with the client that they are happy with the finish and the look and we confirm the finished reverberation time which in this case was 0.35 seconds which was within the tolerance we were expecting.

Hopefully this brief overview gives you an idea of the process involved when we are brought in to treat your office or meeting room. It is a painless process and the installation is usually quite clean and any mess that is made we tidy up anyway.

The panels we used for this installation were custom sized SoundControl Panels and a mix of 60cm and 80cm Ceiling Mounted Cloud9 Acoustic Panels.









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The Last Of Our New Products From This Range  

May 01, 2013


Over the past few weeks we have been showering you with new products based around our new range of tile called the Hexatile. First of all we brough you the Hexatile2 and the Hexatile3. Then we brought you the Hexatile2 Infill Pack and Hexatile3 Infill Pack all for use in studios both commercial and domestic. Last week we announced the launch of the HexaPanel designed for use in offices, schools and restaurants etc. Now we have the final product again for use in studios both commercial and domestic.

When building a new studio from scratch it is never easy knowing where to start first. How much do i need? How much acoustic foam tiles do i need? How much bass trapping should i install?

These are big and important questions that have to be answered. Well our latest product helps with answering that question. We are proud to launch our Advanced Acoustics Starter Kit #6 using the Hexatile3 and the Quadrant Bass Traps.

We have a number of starter kits, 8 in fact since the addition of this one. Our starter kits are a great place to start when it comes to building a new studio from scratch. If you aren’t sure what you need and how much of it then the starter kit is the best place to start.

Our acoustic foam stater kits contain the basics you need to get you going. Each kit including new Starter Kit #6 contains 4 3ft Bass Traps. The kit also contains acoustic foam tiles. Once you have installed the acoustic foam tiles and bass traps contained in a kit you can establish if and where you need to concentrate further acoustic treatment. If you still have a little too much reverberation then you need to consider adding further acoustic foam tiles. If the bass is still a little boomy or wooly then you need further bass trapping in the corners. You can either get another of the same starter kit or you can purchase the products individually from our site.

The stater kits are also a good idea because they are discounted when compared to buying the same items individually. This all helps when you are just starting out with a new studio, whether for your home or for your business.

So what are you waiting for take a look at this starter kit and the other starter kits we have available and make the perfect start to building your perfect studio.























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